Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Practical (Part 2)

Where do I will beheading every morning and could get home after 6pm afterwards for 2 months period?


About 1km from my house and one of the closest little cute town where lots of shops available there. Even lots of cute amoi can be seen there as many saloon are situated in Taipan. A good indicator to wash my eyes (cuci mata) everyday.

Although I can ease my eyes with all amoi here but bear in mind Aizul, your unknown fate still tangles at your workplace and you need to embrace it... TODAY.

I pressed the intercom. After introducing myself, as the intern student, the voice directed me to push the steel gate and make my way upstairs. I look up. A dark staircase awaits. I made my first step with a little hesitation.

I was sitting on a chair
in the middle of the office with a big white table (looks like a receptionist table) in front of the door where people goes in and out. Waited for them to bring any forms. Feeling nervous, I Exhaled and inhaled my breath in and out but my heart beats still followed the beat The Time/Dirty Bit by BEP (Shoot! that song is very catchy).

While I was fill in the blanks and stuff, I took a quick glance to the surroundings. I could the office is typically neatly organized with each worker with its own table, a group of people presenting something at the corner, printer with fax machine, and last but not least... my boss's office...

And my thought of 2 months of very typical and boring practical season has started... stay strong Aizul...stay strong...


I've got say this folks, are you ready to hear it?




It was a 2 months wonderful practical experience I ever had!!!


I could give you you million of reasons but I just write down 5 ultimate reason of it.

1. Each of everyone is treated like family although you are just a worker, boss, or even a cleaner.

2. I got stomach ache everyday from monday to friday. Not because of wrong eating, it's because they sure know how to crack jokes each second.

3. Every month there will be a category voting. The previous one were Fashion Icon of The Year and I almost wore a pink skirt to win it. seriously.

4. Each month there will be a sport tournament for the staff. I've participated in a bowling tournament and badminton tournament. Sweat a lot, we are indeed a really healthy workers.

And the last reason that made my 2 months practical worth every second of it.

5. Every friday morning, all staff will gather up to recite surah yasin and tazkirah by one of the staff. Done with these two occasion, Pot Luck is always be held next with every 3-4 staff to take turn to bring food for each week. One of the staff there is Iranian, he once brought Saffron with special Dal and I can assure you guys it was finger licking good! (no lies ok)

In a nutshell, I'd never expected I would went for an extraordinary experience with all the laugh and joy I had rather than my friends who could go to a gigantic advertising company but stress themselves out. Just ask yourself, how many company out there who does something like recite yasin and tazkirah for every friday? it's like one in a million! and I am one of the luckiest practical student who got accepted to that kind of company! They can be proud of what company they were with but I would like to say that I am proud to be part of the family.


On my last day, instead of my father picked me up. I walked home. I intended to. Yeah about 1km walk but with billion of memories. I grinned almost all the way home with the total recall of all the precious moments there. Suddenly I remembered a dialogue between Aboy and me...

Aizul: Nak praktikal kat Jepun ke atau Itali?

Aboy: Mana satu kau nak? Jepun ada Yakuza, Itali ada Mafia

Aizul: Uish, bahayanya... praktikal dalam Malaysialah camtu.

Aboy: Malaysia ada Rempit.

The End.


  1. bangga tak malaysia ada rempit?

  2. Pyka: Lagi bangga kalau rempit kat malaysia menyumbang kepada pembangunan agama bangsa dan negara.