Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Practical (Part 1)

4 Months of break is not a totally sweet long lasting holiday. We've got practical man. In other universities they are also known as Industrial Training. Whether you are already graduated or still pursuing your scroll, 2 months are compulsory for them to be completed.

REMEMBER! it will affect your CGPA of course. So don't play-play aaa
(my mentor said that thrice )

Well to be honest... I uh.. I failed to seek for any company that is related to graphic like my friends did. naming some of the branches such as Advertising company? Animation company? Motion graphic company? they managed to seize the opportunity in front of them. Me? I sorta facing a problem in a term of transportation.

The point is, I do not own an elegant BMW 6 series nor a shiny Ducati to ride on. Just an old bicycle with flat tyres is all I possessed. Uncool? Who cares with all those fancy vehicles. Our feet are one of the greatest invention for mankind to travel on earth even from million ages ago and that is a fact pal.
One way or another, I need to find the place that is reachable for me by foot.

KL = No
Subang = Yes

So I dig up all companies that is related to advertising that I can find on the internet. Too bad most of them are located beyond my reach. The alternative route is to find any corporate company that offers any related graphic thingy inside their building. Heard that some of the practical student are taken to do something like makes coffee for the employee and photostat this and that document. I dare not to fall into that pitfall trap for 2 months but I have no choice.. I really don't. With about 20-30 resumes were sent out in a day with prayers for me to get hooked on the bait.

Next morning, I woke up early with urge to print something to be submitted to one of the class that day at 9am. A sudden call surprised me and to my goodness, a company just called me to verify my application.

It was a perfect accent in English despite it was a malay woman who were speaking with me.

When English is used, they really mean a serious business out of ya.

A really serious one... trust me.

After a long friendly chit chat, she told me it is a training provider company which is absolutely offtrack from my lane but who cares as long as they still need a designer right? plus, the deadline to submit the final application is getting nearer and this is all option that I have in hand.

I need to know when I could be presence to the company for the interview.

Aizul: Could I know the date for the interview session madam?

Caller: I am interviewing you right now.

Aizul: Gulp... (REALLY?) so does that mean I got accepted madam?

Caller: Yes, please handle any application that need to be done with your university ok.

Aizul: Right away madam!


I got accepted!


But wait a minute....wait a minute, There are questions that lingers on my mind...

Will I ever going to be facing a typical no life office lifestyle?

Will I be able to cope with the swearing from the boss?

Will Obama pay a visit on my first day?

Will I perform well in that kind of environment?


Time will tell Aizul, time will tell....

To be continue.


  1. Pyka: Jujur saya cakap saya ni takde la hebat mana dan masih lagi belajar memperbaikinya. Banyak lagi blogger melayu yang boleh sepiking lagi power dari saya yg x seberapa ni. :)

  2. Kalau Obama visit, nak jamu kuih apa?

  3. Taufiq: Kuih badak berendam, aku nak dengar dia jerit "OMG! I'm eating rhino???"