Saturday, January 22, 2011

Attendance Shit

My brand new semester has started and as an obedient student, I need to attend classes in the first week. My situation is completely inverse than Dam, a friend of mine who will only be seen at our faculty starting on the third week of studying. That is one of his main specialty of course.

I hope something interesting will happen in the first class of the week. Suddenly...

Lecturer : " I will pass my attendance shit around. Please write your name and your signature on my attendance shit okay? "

Other Students : " Okayyy!"

Aizul : "???"

Since when did her attendance learn to shit? that really puzzled me though, maybe I need some extra cotton buds right now...


  1. eerm... nanti aku belanje ko cotton bud..

  2. Nice, nak selori tau. aku betul-betul memerlukannya sekarang.


  3. really shit u know... bad shit!!! ak baru tak datang sekali... heh..:D

  4. tak datang sekali disebabkan oleh sunway, agak shit aa disitu =)

  5. ok2... tp ak tak pernah ponteng tau sebelum ni...:D

    ni blog versi english..

  6. Aizul. Ptt la ko mcm blur smacam bila dlm klas. Nie rupernya yg ada kat kpala ko. Haha
    Joudan! Okoranaide~!XD

  7. Amin: tapi ko tetap dah ponteng hari tu gak sebab sunway haha

    Wardah: Nampaknya ko berjaya membaca apa yg bermain di mindaku dlm kelas haha XD