Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear 2012

"Dear 2012.

You are a great year for me as I have learned lots of thing from you. I meet new friends, found my brotherhood brothers, dispute with wet blankets, learn a lot from lecturers, inspired by great peoples, cry and laugh together, embrace the sleepless night, able to differentiate between friends and fakes, confronted the epic degree show, graduated with flying colors, and now involved with the real long awaited industry. Hello 2013, I'm Aizul. You look awesomely good today. Nice to meet you too. "

The message that was supposed to be posted here. had been a long since my last visit to this blog. Glad there are still visitors checking out this blog. Yup, I have graduated from my B.A Hons in Graphic Design and working my life in the industry as the time goes by now. As being restricted by time, I'll save up the story for later. Still have not forgotten this blog though. Will try my best to update them folks. Cheers.

1 comment:

  1. "dispute with wet blankets" buat aku fikir yang kau kencing atas tilam.