Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Need Your Support

Do you guys still remember my previous post about My Big And Mega Project With My Friends that kept my blog with no new post for a month? I have said that I will reveal to you guys when we are ready and Poof here we are ready to unveil our work that consume our energy and devour our beloved sleeping time.

Long story short, please watch this video first.

Thrilled? yes you need to.This is the ultimate revolutionary animation known as Rebirth Project that will change the perspective on how we view animation in Malaysia. Done by 5 young designers who known as Megamind ( I'm part of the team), our first release is Rebirth: New World Order which is the first franchise that blows your mind away.

I would like to invite everyone to like this facebook fan page to stay updated in Rebirth Project progress and do not forget to acknowledge your friends. We also have our website for the complete profile of the project.

tell your friends!, tell your neighbor!, tell your pets!, tell everyone you know!

Rebirth is finally here!


  1. ya ya aku support. aku tak cukup masa nak on ni. nnt aku like lah kay. bye. gudluck

  2. Pyka: Ya, terima kasih banyak kerana like. sila ajak kawan2 lain ya untuk like ya.