Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Will Follow You...

I made my Twitter account a long time ago but have stayed inactive. one day my cousin, adli proudly showed me his twitter (which is full with 2pm's pics) and how fun it is to follow peoples tweets especially celebrity compared to facebook and yes I was surfing facebook at that time and he's on twitter.

Aizul: "How to use this so called twitter in the fun way?"

Adli: "tweet, follow, tweet, follow again and tweet one more time...get it?"

Aizul: "........." (a long paused followed by a click on twitter sign up button)

Twitter is nice, they gave me a profile pic of an egg after I signed up. To those people who have Twitter account, let's play a game named "follow-menfollow", follow me at aizul haqim.

p/s: Farey once said, "celebrities love twitter".
If I love twitter, does that mean I am a celebrity too?

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