Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Stumbled upon Farey's post about SPONG-GI-BO-BU! and those kids faces are epic. They look hysterical and possessed (especially the kid with the blue shirt) with those bulging eyes yet they are still cute and seems naive to me. It's normal for kids to have those excitement faces when they obtained cool toys that can make sound. (except the kid with the blue shirt, I do really believed he was possessed by some kind of evil spirit. I really do.)

Here are the kids. (Beware with the kid in the blue shirt. His face might haunt you in your nightmare.)

Come to think of it. Just imagine if Spongebob was originally created in Japan. A fantastic asian country where Doraemon and Shin chan was born, then we would have to pronounce it with the same intonation just like the dude in the commercial did. Like this: SPONG-GI-BO-BU!

How would kids have their own conversation about Spongebob if that sponge really originated from Japan?

Kid 1: " Hey, have you watch
SPONG-GI-BO-BU! last night?."

Kid 2
: " Of course I did.
SPONG-GI-BO-BU! is my favourite cartoon duh."

Kid 1: " Come on. Let's watch SPONG-GI-BO-BU! together!. "

Kid 2 : " SPONG-GI-BO-BU! is going to start!. Switch the channel quick!. "

---and the cartoon starts---

Kid 1 & 2 : " Yay! SPONG-GI-BO-BU!, SPONG-GI-BO-BU!. "

How about if there is a class presentation in front of the class for first grade student and the tittle is ' What Is Your Favourite Cartoon Character?".

" My favourite cartoon character is SPONG-GI-BO-BU!. SPONG-GI-BO-BU! is a yellow sponge wearing clothes. SPONG-GI-BO-BU! lives in a pineapple under the sea. SPONG-GI-BO-BU! is cute especially when he laughs. ... SPONG-GI-BO-BU!... SPONG-GI-BO-BU!... huh huh huh (panting). "

Japanese people has their own unique accent in pronouncing english (can't deny that) and japanese accent can be very amusing of course. Face the facts pal. Do try to say SPONG-GI-BO-BU! to your friends. Bet they will laugh like a drain.

Question: Which intonation do you prefer then?

Spongebob or SPONG-GI-BO-BU!?


  1. i prefer KOREA
    u know that~ :D

  2. spong-gi-bo-bu will always be in my heart hahahaha lol

  3. Salam bro..cite2 yg sempoi! wa follow! N jenguk laa blog wa kalu lu ade sengal2 ubi okay? hehe!

  4. Adli: I always know.

    Farah: In my heart too haha.

    Najwa: Memang. Inilah generasi zaman sekarang.

    JD: walaupun wa agak sengal badan sikit tadi,tapi blog lu memang best woo. wa follow,kasi hapdet best2 k haha.

  5. Cis. budak baju biru buat aku terangsang.

  6. Krunch: Erk?, apasal perangai ko dah lain macam sejak ko post kisah 'Roti jantan' tu?

  7. i prefer sepan-gay-bob. the spelling is still spongebob but the pronounciation is sepan-gay-bob. ah whatever english suck.

  8. Pyka: sepan-gay-bob? sounds good too.